Proud to be Prairie
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Proud to be Prairie
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Dish created by Chef Christie Peters of The Hollows, Saskatoon

Five chefs from different cities across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba spend eight days together as part of a collaborative, traveling dinner series that involves artisans, visual artists and producers. Together, they discover what their respective regions have to offer one-another. 

Produced by Eat North & Motioneer Productions
Directed, Shot & Edited by JR Reid
Music Supervision by Christian Hurst
Mixed by Jean Vanhaelen
Additional Camera by Darrin Klimek

Featuring (in order of appearance):
Dan Clapson
Don Agar
Twyla Campbell
Adam Donnelly
Jamie Harling
Christie Peters
Kyle Micheal
Jenn Sharp
Lindsay Porter
Pamela Kirkpatrick
Nicole Fewell
Victoria Stan Harold
Lynnette MacDonald

What’s special about the Canadian Prairies?