MacKinnon Brothers
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Filmed over a year’s harvest on the MacKinnon’s bicentennial farm, ‘MacKinnon Brothers’ follows their journey to create craft beer using only ingredients from their farm.

In 2014, brothers Ivan and Dan returned to their family homestead in Bath, Ontario to start a brewery. ‘MacKinnon Brothers’ is a short documentary capturing their story and the story of sustainable craft brewing. Their goal was to create a local and delicious beer that they could enjoy and share with their community. From the beginning, they always wanted to brew their beer using ingredients sourced entirely from their farm. In late 2016, that dream became a reality with their Harvest Ale.

Motioneer Original
Year: 2017
Contribution: Directing/DOP/Editing

  • Director
    JR Reid
  • Editor
    JR Reid
  • Producer
  • Interviewers
    Michael Spencer JR Reid
  • Aerial Cinematography
    Braden Dragomir Brody McMaster JR Reid
  • Titles
    Matthew Bronson
  • Mixing
    Jean Vanhaelen
  • Music Supervision
    Christian Hurst
  • Music
    David Francey Ashley Condon
  • Colour
    Conor Fisher of Alter Ego
  • Colour Assistant
    Erik Bayley
  • Colour Producer
    Jane Garrah
  • Colour Coordinator
    Alanna Humphreys