Director Reel
JR Reid is the director and multidisciplinary video artist behind Motioneer, with over fifteen years experience in the commercial advertising and filmmaking industries. He's a storyteller who works collaboratively to transform how stories are told to entertain and engage audiences.

After cutting his teeth editing with vhs decks and shooting Super 8 film, he worked in a big fancy agency and made digital signage cool in 2007. He also did a five-year stint at a boutique vfx house, perfecting the art of patience and working long hours. Once DSLR’s started recording in HD, he began creating cinematic video content including the festival darling docu-series ‘Make Love’. His films have been screened at the Devour! The Food Film Festival in Wolfville, Nova Scotia for the past 4 consecutive years.

JR’s versatility takes projects from creation to completion with a hands-on and focused execution. Comfortable directing action from behind the camera or with a DOP, he strives to keep things authentic and natural. He loves documenting makers of all things. His passion for editing that he developed in his teens has only gotten stronger. Google “Nobody by Notes To Self” for his PHD in editing and vfx.

More recently he won the lottery making commercials for multiple Ontario Lottery and Gaming television campaigns, Ontario Wood’s Pulling Planks series, and video content for social media campaigns.