MAKE LOVE: Woodhouse Brewing Co.
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Episode 4 of Make Love, a short documentary series about independent artists and artisans making a living doing what they love.

In our fourth installment of the Make Love series, we spent some time with Woodhouse beer’s owner/operator Graham Woodhouse. With lots of hustle and a passion for all things food and beer related, Graham dived into the craft beer scene with his unique amber lager. His tall blue cans can be found all over Toronto in some of the best restaurants and bars. Warning: this video will make you thirsty.

Client: Motioneer
Year: 2015
Contribution: Directing/Editing

  • Director
    JR Reid
  • Editor
    JR Reid
  • Producer
  • Interviewer
    Michael Spencer
  • Title Design
    Matt Greenwood
  • Featuring
    Graham Woodhouse