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Ungaraging: Brent Burns
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Growing up in Barrie, Ontario, Burns’ garage was an unfinished space where he spent endless hours shooting pucks and playing hockey with his father. Now, years later, Burns is making new memories with his kids in his own ‘garage’ which in typical Burns fashion happens to be a massive 400-acre Texas ranch. From his work truck to his infamous RV, the vehicles in Burns’ garage are filled with memories ranging from family date nights to cross-country road trips.

Client: Auto Trader
Agency: Co-Op
Year: 2018
Contribution: Directing/Editing

  • Director
    JR Reid
  • Editor
    JR Reid
  • Producer
    James Loftus Jessica Huynh
  • Cinematography
    Cameron Roden
  • Creative Director
    Jamie King
  • Featuring
    Brent Burns