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Ungaraging: Brad Marchand
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Brad Marchand is more than a dynamite, and sometimes controversial winger. The Nova Scotia native is a home builder, family man, and sports car enthusiast too. In the second installment of our Ungaraging videos, Marchand opens up about his love for hockey, and how the garage window in his family home bore the brunt of his shooting practice.

Marchand also explains the way growing up in a large family shapes the vehemently competitive way he plays the game. Including the punishing training games he’d make up with his brothers, like “Slapshot Sting.”

A car fan at heart, Brad’s garage gives a unique and endearing insight into the man behind one of hockey’s most polarizing highlight reels.

Client: Auto Trader
Agency: Co-Op
Year: 2018
Contribution: Directing/Editing

  • Director
    JR Reid
  • Editor
    JR Reid
  • Producer
    James Loftus Jessica Huynh
  • Cinematography
    Cameron Roden
  • Creative Director
    Jamie King